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Professional carving set, set of 2 silicone oven mitts, and meat flavorizer/tenderizer

$79.95 $107.85

With the Grill Master Accessory set you can now prepare, prep and carve all of your favorite meats to make mouth-watering meals.  This set includes:

  • Professional carving set: includes stainless steel knife and fork, triple riveted for added stability with real wood handles.  The knife is 12.5” long and the fork is 11.6” long.
  • Meat tenderizer and flavorizer: Now you can tenderize and flavorize all with one tool!  Tenderize almost any meat, such as pork, beef, lamb, chicken, duck, or even your Thanksgiving/Christmas turkey.  Flavorizer “injects” the sauce through its 30 stainless steel needles directly into the meat, breaking down the structure of the meat while injecting the sauce, ensuring you have the special flavor throughout. 
  • Set of two Silicone Oven Mitts: enables you to safely remove your hot food directly from the oven, microwave, or from your grill..  The textured pattern not only helps with resisting heat, it also provides a better grip when holding hot pots, pans or cooking tools.   

A perfect gift for any foodie or chef!  Now you can save by getting all of the essentials in one set.