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Large handles

The large handles make it easy to carry your Karving King (with food on it) from your kitchen to your table where you can easily carve and serve.

Drip Tray to Collect Juices

The drip tray collects the juices so you can make the perfect gravy or use the tasty fruit juice for a healthy protein drink. It even has a spout making it easy to pour.

Non-slip feet

The rubber feet are designed to hold your Karving King in place, so it won’t slip on your counter or table when in use, making it much easier to carve, slice and chop.

Made in America

Karving King is proud that our products are made right here in America!

Gripping Spikes

The specially designed gripping spikes hold your food in place making it easy to carve your roast or turkey like a pro or cut a juicy watermelon without making a mess.

Stain resistant and BPA Free

Our Karving King products are made of a special material that is stain resistant and BPA free.

Dishwasher Safe

Cleaning is a breeze! – Karving King can be put directly into a dishwasher or it can be hand-washed using a mild dishwashing soap and warm water

Large Cutting Board

The Karving King supplemental board is 15.12” x 12.12”, large enough to handle all of your cutting needs. It can be used with the main Karving King unit when cutting juicy meats or fruits or by itself on your counter when you are chopping veggies

Removable Insert Board

As a bonus we have included a removable insert board which can be used with the main Karving King unit when cutting juicy meats or fruits or on your counter when you are chopping veggies.

Angled Cutting Surface

The specially designed board angle holds the food in place and funnels all of the delicious juices into a drip tray